what is the verizon app manager

Regardless of your phone’s name or brand, there are usually those apps that are pre-installed in your device’s applications, and most of these apps do not grant you access to delete them, whether you enjoy using them or not.

The duty now calls that you gain more details about the Verizon App Manager, as being a user of a Verizon phone implies that you should be familiar with most of these already pre-installed applications, and one being addressed in this article, which is the Verizon app manager.

What Is the Verizon App Manager, and Where Can I Find It?

Any person who buys an iOS or an Android smartphone via the Verizon platform should note that the package usually comes with an already-installed Verizon App Manager, which is actually part of the follow-up apps that are available for purchase.

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The Verizon App Manager was created to help you in the overall management of all the system applications that are actively installed and running on your smartphone.

On the other hand, the manager has been said to have created many kinds of difficulties, as judged by reviews from many users over time; many also complain about the installation process, whereby more apps are installed by the Verizon App Manager without the user’s consent.

What Can I Use the Verizon App Manager For?

The target for which the Verizon App Manager was created was to make the process easier for you to control the functions of the applications via your smartphone, regardless of whether you are making use of an iOS device or an Android device at that point in time.

In addition, the App Manager may offer you the necessary information you need regarding the status and functionality of the programs that you are about to install on your smartphone.

Is it safe to use the Verizon App Manager?

Even though Verizon Software Manager offers a danger-free and secure program, according to reviews, the majority of the users believe that it is more of a bloatware, which means that it is an extraneous app that is filled with advertisements and unwanted email messages.

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Verizon, on its own, has loaded the app on your cellphone in advance, which means your consent wasn’t sorted after. More so, the most current version of the Verizon App Manager now goes the extra mile by downloading an app called DT Ignite.

Once DT Ignite is installed on your phone, you are now faced with a total of 2 pieces of bloatware on a single mobile device.

Also, while you are running apps in the background of your phone, the installed app, DT Ignite, can also be taken advantage of by the Verizon App Manager to download unknown or unwanted apps without getting your consent or knowledge.

Is the Verizon App Manager Present on All Verizon Phones?

The fact is that not every phone you buy from Verizon comes preloaded with the Verizon App Manager, and from indications, it seems that the recent Verizon App Manager is now most often seen pre-installed on every newly purchased Samsung smartphone that was bought through Verizon.

It is also very possible that the recent Verizon App Manager has been installed on other undiscovered Android smartphones that have been purchased by the firm. And strong indications show that the same DT Ignite is also pre-installed.

As a reaction to this, persons who don’t want to experience bloatware on their Android phone after buying it are advised to check carefully to see if any of these two bloatware apps or both applications are already installed on the device after buying it.

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How Can One Turn Off Verizon App Manager If Uninterested?

If you feel the Verizon App Manager is not of use to your mobile, you may be free to disable the Verizon App Manager, even the DT Ignite. You can remove these applications in a matter of minutes by following the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the “Settings” tab.
  • Navigate to “Applications.” You can get this from the drop-down menu.
  • Look for Application Manager, making sure you are choosing “Application Manager” from the drop-down list.
  • Pick “Verizon App Manager” from the list made available by the drop-down menu.
  • You can use an alternative method; here, you may be able to disable it by toggling and wriggling the button or simply by checking on the “Disable” button. Then you can return to the former screen and go for the second app, “DT Ignite.”
  • You can also toggle through the button, or you can simply choose the “Disable” option from the drop-down menu that will appear on your screen.

However, you should note that the process to remove this app manager will hugely depend on the device you are using. Therefore, you may be expected to follow a separate set of steps, and the process by which you can navigate through them will differ and be determined by whether you are making use of an iOS device or an Android phone.

* To disable the Verizon App Manager and to also uninstall the DT Ignite app, you can also locate the “System Apps” position on your mobile phone in order to discover where they are on your mobile device and to remove them, it may require that you select the “System Apps.”

Will disabling Verizon App Manager cause harm to my device?

If you wish to disable or completely delete Verizon App Manager from your device, it will not harm your device and will have no negative effect on your computer.

Although the Verizon App Manager was initially pre-installed as an application on your smartphone, removing it will not cause further issues with the Verizon account you have, nor will it particularly cause harm to your phone.

Nonetheless, since the vast population of new Android phones is now pre-loaded with these bloatwares and adware, it is not a crime if users choose to go into their device settings and uninstall, delete, and disuse these applications. You can delete it as soon as you get your hands on the mobile device.

How Can I Control My Notifications Using Verizon App Manager?

You may choose to make your phone personal by taking charge of which alerts you want to be notified of from all the applications that are pre-installed or post-installed on your device by using the feature in Verizon App Manager notification control.

Among some other benefits, the App Manager alerts can let you know when new applications are being downloaded onto your device and, when the already-installed apps are updated, it notifies you when ads that are linked to your phone apps are displayed, among other activities.

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And with the App Manager, you have the choice of allowing all the notifications for a particular application, or you can simply choose the category of alerts you wish to be notified of from a particular app, and you can twist through these settings for all apps that have been added to your device.


When using any Verizon-sourced smartphone, such as the popular Samsung Galaxy devices, one of the preloaded programs that comes with the device is called Verizon Tool Manager. This app is able to make the process and management of all the apps on your mobile and handset easier.

The Verizon Software Manager, conversely, is tagged as bloatware or adware by most users since it is able to download unwanted apps, including another app known as DT Ignite.

The new app can run and process in the background, and it has the ability to get more apps installed on your phone without your consent.

Regardless of the reported bloatware activities, the Verizon App Manager notification feature can be able to let you know when new applications are being downloaded to your device and, as well as when the already-installed apps are being updated.

It keeps you updated when adverts that are linked to your phone apps are displayed, among other activities. So you may want to reconsider keeping the app if it causes no damage to your device. I

Meanwhile, if you at any point feel that the Verizon App Manager is not of use to your mobile, you may be free to disable the Verizon App Manager, even the DT Ignite. You can remove these applications in a matter of minutes by following the above processes disclosed earlier in this article.

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