what does the yellow star mean on snapchat

Not like other social media platforms, Snapchat has discovered a new way of communicating by using pictures rather than words. Emojis are employed as Snapchat’s fun and quick tools needed for interfacing with their users while revealing information about others.

However, bear in mind that it isn’t always easy to understand/quickly get the meaning behind every emoji you come across the color while using Snapchat, and the yellow stars are definitely irrevocable if you are a keen user.

The color yellow is not quite as comprehensible as most other star colors you may have come across as you use Snapchat.

This is where this article comes into play, and we encourage you to read on to find out what the yellow star represents. Please read on to get more details about the hidden meaning behind most of these Snapchat stars and other emojis you may likely see there.

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What Do The Stars On Snapchat Mean?

If you’re an avid Snapchatter, you may have probably come across the various stars displayed on the platform. So familiarising yourself with the meaning of any of these symbols makes using the platform more interesting.

Snapchatters have to stress themselves out by decoding the meaning of some of these symbols all by themselves. And this has generated loads of confusion and has led to misinformation. 

If only there were just one type of star that Snapchat displayed, your job description of comprehending them would become much easier to come by. The reverse is the case here, as there are up to four (4) different stars you may see in different parts of your Snapchat screen, and each has its own separate meaning.

This article focuses on the Yellow Star, so we are going to give you all the details you need to know about the Yellow Snapchat Star and how you can get them, Read on!

What Does The Yellow Star Mean on Snapchat?

Basically, the yellow star on Snapchat alerts that a user has added you as a friend. As previously stated, Snapchat does not only have the yellow star, but many other colors of stars, but the color yellow is definitely one of the most confusing of the stars.

If it was a red or a verification star, you could have most likely guessed the meaning and moved on with the rest of your activities. But, the color yellow is not quite as comprehensible as most other colors, were mentioned earlier. 

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The yellow star, also known as the gold star, does not appear close to your own username. Instead, you see it very close to your Snapchat friend’s username. At first, users assumed it to be a rank or even a verification symbol. However, their assumption was not the case at closer intervention.

  • Is the yellow star currently on your Snapchat profile? Just note that If you are looking at the yellow star on some users’ profiles, it implies that they have verified the person’s account.
  • Is the yellow star on your friend’s username?  The yellow or golden star on Snapchat is visualized when a user shares a snap in their Story, and it is viewed two times by at least one person within the 24-hour limit. It also implies that their friends replied to the shared story after viewing it and the person may be a mutual friend or he is a complete stranger.

How Do I Get A Yellow Star On Snapchat?

Now that you know the meaning of the yellow star on Snapchat, the next question is how can you get one? Snapchat recognizes the importance of verifying you in order to recognize you as a vital member of the platform. Your name will be displayed next to a gold star once you have been fully verified.

You can use this wonderful feature to advertise your business, your brand, or even your company. Nonetheless, you need to note that On Snapchat, there is only one meaning for an emoji or a sticker. But there are a thousand ways to distribute these symbols on the platform, and none of them purely convey what they mean.

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Due to this, there has been a variety of misinformation. A better platform is one that is properly versed in the meanings of these symbols. And users on Snapchat have started to verify their identities. The verification star appears as a black star with a yellow circle.

To get a Snapchat verification badge, you are expected to put in the time and effort necessary. When you confirm your identity, Snapchat verifies that you own the account.

It’s also a very special way to secure and retrieve an account that goes missing. To qualify for the Snapchat verification, you are expected to have at least 50,000 views on each of the stories you share. The aim of increasing the account’s popularity is to make  it much easier for users to be able to verify it.  

As a Snapchatter, you can Use social media to increase and boost your brand’s visibility and to increase your chances of getting verified by Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

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Also, getting your account verified on Snapchat can assist you in building a successful brand or company. If you use a verified account, Snapchatters will likely believe in you and they perceive that you are original and trustworthy and that you are an important personality.


Now that you know what the yellow star on Snapchat means, we believe that you will enjoy using the platform even more! Are you finding it hard to see the yellow star on your Snapchat profile?

Please note that the yellow or golden star on Snapchat can be more easily visualized when a user shares any snap in his or her  Story, and it is viewed two times by at least one person within the 24-hour limit.

It then means that your friends had replied to the shared story after viewing it and the person may be a mutual friend or he is a complete stranger. It’s a good sign indeed, Enjoy your snap!

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