what does live mean on find my iphone

The “Live” feature is one of the features that has always been on the “Find My” service of an iPhone or any Apple company product. The “Find My iPhone” is a feature that exist after the Find My iPhone and Find My Mac was recently combined together.

This feature seems to allow you to track your iPhone, Mac, and any other iPhone device connected to it, including your Apple watch.

However, while the usage of “Find My iPhone” is known, which of course is used for tracking iPhones and other Apple devices, most people still do not know exactly what Live means on “Find My iPhone”, and this has limited the usage of the service.

Here in this article, I will be sharing with you every information that you should know regarding “Find My iPhone“, including answers to questions such as “what does live mean on find my iPhone”. So, without further ado, let us proceed.

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What Does Live Mean On Find My iPhone?

The “Live” feature on the Find My iPhone is a feature that allows an iPhone or a “Find My iPhone” user to keep track of the location of other iPhone users that are connected to it.

This feature simply implies that you do not have to reload the “Find My iPhone” so as to get real-time information about the Apple user. Information that it gives includes speed of travel, direction, and the current location of the

How To Enable ‘Live’ On “Find My”

The Live on ‘Find My iPhone‘ helps to keep track of the user, via the iPhone. The process needs to be enabled before it can be used. Here are steps on how to enable “live” on “Find My iPhone“.

  • Unlock the iPhone
  • Tap on settings
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Navigate to the Location section
  • Turn on the “Location services”
  • Navigate to the “Find My iPhone
  • Activate “Find My iPhone
  • Grant the mobile app, GPS access
  • Navigate back to the mobile app
  • Allow “Share My Location”

Can I Go Live On Find My iPhone?

Yes, you can go “Live” on Find My iPhone. With this, you will be able to get your location, speed, and other movement details in real time via the Find My iPhone mobile app.

Does Find My Only Exist On iPhone?

No, “Find My iPhone” does not only exist on iPhone devices. There are available in most of the other Apple devices using the iOS operating system. This includes the Apple Watch and the Mac Book.

Can I Share My Location Using “Find My iPhone“?

Yes, you can share your location using the “Find My iPhone“. Find My iPhone allows its users to share their locations with their parents, friends, and other concerned persons. This helps in security and ensures that no irregular activity occurs.

Can I Find Other People Live On Find My iPhone?

Yes, you can find other people live on “Find My iPhone” using your iPhone device. Later on, I will show you how you can find other people live on ‘Find My iPhone‘ using an iPhone.

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How To Find Other People Live On “Find My iPhone

As I had said earlier, “Find My iPhone” allows you to detect other people’s locations. This process is very straightforward and does not require any fee whatsoever to be done. Here are steps on how to find other people live on “Find My iPhone” on iPhone

  • Unlock your iPhone device
  • Launch the “Find My iPhone” mobile app
  • Scroll down to the people section
  • If the person has permitted you to see their location, tap on it and see the map
  • If the person has not permitted you, tap on the ‘+’ sign
  • Enter their details and send them a request

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