what does calling restriction mean

Have you ever been disturbed by someone through a phone call and needed to restrict the number from calling you without switching off your mobile phone, going into airplane mode, and restricting other numbers from calling you?

Here is it, every mobile phone has a call restriction service, and by enabling this feature you can have control over incoming and outgoing calls as well as incoming messages too.

If you are a person that works with your mobile device, you might need to enable this service to restrict unnecessary calls and to avoid distracting you from getting your job completed.

So, in this article, I will be sharing with you everything that you need to know regarding call restriction, how to enable it, and others.

What Is Call Restriction?

What is considered to be a call restriction is a sub-category or a sub-feature of Call barring. Now, what call restrictions does it to restrict calls from specific numbers? However, call restriction can help restrict numbers from being dialed, in other words, it could help restrict outgoing calls just like incoming calls.

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With technology, every mobile device is now able to manage every outgoing and incoming call because they have the call restriction service.

Moreover, when we were discussing call restriction, we mentioned it as being a sub-feature of call barring, hence, we will be addressing what call barring is later on in this guide.

What Is Call Barring?

Call barring is regarded to be the same as call restriction, only that it is preferred to call restriction. In call barring, you can have control over outgoing calls and incoming calls.

With call barring, you can restrict international calls to be outgoing or incoming. Moreover, the main duty of call barring is to restrict calls, caller ID, block numbers, and forward incoming and outgoing calls.

What Is The Difference Between Call Restriction And Call Barring?

Having known that call restriction is a sub-feature of call barring, it is essential to know what are the differences between these two although they share similarities.

You see, blocking of certain incoming calls provided that you have subscribed to caller ID is known as call barring while preventing specific numbers from being dialed for outgoing calls iscall restriction.

NOTE: Using a call restriction is a great option, you can easily restrict all “0812” numbers from being dialed.

If It Says “This Call Cannot Be Completed Because There Are Restrictions”, What Does It Mean?

If you ever experience an error of this type, you need to check the dialed number, it is likely to be an incorrect number because incorrect numbers display this error message the most.

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However, if you have confirmed the number to be correct, and you are still getting such messages, then it could be that the caller has blocked the dialed number, the caller is being restricted from access to essential and private information, or it could be that the caller is trying to call a service provider’s number that is used only for outgoing calls.

How Do I Identify If Someone Has Blocked My Mobile Number?

Some telecommunication firms do help to tell you if someone has blocked your number.

It mostly happens when you want to send an SMS to someone, you might encounter messages such as “Message Not Delivered.” You see, you could as well encounter such messages if you are out of voice bundle or your points balance is low.

If the message does not go through, try to call the person, and if the call diverts, forwards, is busy, or displays voicemail after a beep then it occurs that the caller may have blocked your number.

How To Enable Call Barring Service?

To enable the call barring service, you need to use your mobile device to make some changes just as the same steps that are listed below

  • Go to settings
  • Navigate to call settings
  • Click on “Call Barring”
  • Then, enable call barring

How To Enable Call Restriction Service?

The process of enabling a call restriction service is similar to enabling a call barring service, you only need to follow the below steps.

  • Go to settings
  • Go to the call setting
  • Click on “Call Barring”
  • Press “Additionally Settings”
  • Finally, select “Call Restriction” and enable the service.

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Can I Hide My Number To Call A Number That Has Blocked Mine?

Yes, you can hide your number to call a user that blocked your number. To hide your number and call a user that blocked your number, dial *67 and add the number you want to call. Your number will be displayed as a “Private Number”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flight Mode Restrict Calls?

Yes, the flight mode option restricts calls from coming in and going out. However, the flight mode option will get your mobile device network switched off entirely.

Is It Possible To Disable Call Restriction After Enabling It?

Yes, you can disable a call restriction service after enabling it, you only have to follow the process you took in enabling it to disable it.

Does A Restricted Call Mean Blocked?

Not really, a restricted is a controlled call, it could last for some period of time while blocking will last until the user unblocks the blocked number.

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