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Ring Chime and Chime Pro are both notification tools that enable you to hear real-time notifications everywhere in your house.

However, there are differences between the two tools. Since you are looking forward to purchasing either of them, it may be difficult to distinguish between Ring Chime and Chime Pro but not after reading this article. Read this article to the end, as I will give you a detailed comparison between these two notification tools.

With the Ring Chime and Chime Pro being particularly well-liked products, Ring is at the forefront of making smart home devices more widely available and more reasonably priced than before. The Ring security system, which is owned by Amazon, is without a doubt one of the most well-liked systems for home security.

Ring Chime or Chime Pro blends in much better for people who are looking forward to making their homes look smarter or as a trend.

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Though they both have excellent characteristics, many people frequently experience confusion when trying to choose between the two. They are compatible with all current Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras. And they both connect to regular wall outlets by using their integrated WiFi router.

Before we cut to the chase (Ring Chime Vs Chime Pro) let’s understand what both Ring Chime and Pro are. Let’s move on!

What Is Ring Chime?

Simply put, a Ring Chime is a wireless notification tool. This tool links to all of your Ring devices and has a built-in speaker to make sure you are always informed with its pre-programmed tone.

With the help of Ring Chime, you will receive Ring notifications anywhere in your house. With these features, we can say that; Ring Chime is an accessory for the Ring Video Doorbells and surveillance cameras.

This device works by simply plugging it into a wall socket and connecting it via the Ring app. In addition, if you’ve connected your Ring Chime to your ring devices, for instance: a security camera; a doorbell; an alarm; Automotive security, etc.

It will play a tone whenever someone activates/presses the Ring device. Doorbell, for instance, whenever a neighbor/friend/relative, etc. presses the bell button, a Ring notification is passed across the house.

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Understanding Ring Chime

Ring Chime is a Wi-Fi-enabled tool that produces a sound notification around the house. Ring Chime produces a pre-programmed tone around the house, however, it is limited to smaller houses. This means that the Ring tone produced by Ring Chime can’t circulate in a bigger house.

In addition, Ring Chime can be placed on any power outlet in your home and connected to the Ring Doorbell using the Ring App because it is wireless. You may select from a variety of ringtones and it offers useful features.

Using Ring’s detailed installation guide, you can install it pretty effortlessly. With regard to the Wi-Fi range extension capability, a third-party Wi-Fi range extender will work just fine.

The built-in Wi-Fi range extension function of the Ring Chime is only compatible with other Ring devices. Therefore, you should acquire a real Wi-Fi range extender from another company if you want to genuinely expand the Wi-Fi range throughout your home for other non-Ring devices as well.

Your personal preferences are the most essential determining factor in whether or not you should purchase a Ring Chime. The usefulness of the Ring Chime is one of its main drawbacks.

You only receive a Wi-Fi range extender for your Ring devices; the only other feature is the chime to alert you when there is movement or a push on your doorbell.

What Is Chime Pro?

Like Ring Chime, Chime Pro is a wireless notification tool that can be linked with Ring devices (Doorbell). However, Chime Pro is an enhanced model of the Ring Chime.

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This means that; Chime Pro possesses all the features of Ring Chime with additional features. These additional features include; Wi-Fi Extender; Alert Amplification; Nightlight; Chime Box; and Size. You’ll find a lot of convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind in your home using this tool.

Chime Pro performs the same duties as the Ring Chime in addition to acting as a Wi-Fi extender. Additionally, it features a feature that enhances the alert’s sound, allowing you to hear it from anywhere in your house.

This implies that Chime Pro produces a high tone compared to Ring Chime. The Chime Pro may be used as an extender in addition to being a chime if you discover that your Wi-Fi cannot reach every area of your house, which is fairly helpful.

Understanding Chime Pro

With the definition above, we are able to deduce that Chime Pro is an advanced version of Ring Chime. Similar to Ring Chime, this tool connects to all of your Ring devices and includes an integrated speaker that will play a pre-programmed tone to keep you informed at all times.

It is important to know that, the resonance of this tool is higher than that of the Ring Chime. This is a way too big reason why you should choose Chime Pro over Ring Chime.

In addition, the ability to put up as many wireless chimes as you need to hear your doorbell across your home is its major benefit.

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With the help of Chime Pro, you’ll receive notifications in real-time when your connected cameras and doorbells detect movement or when your doorbell is rung. This is in addition to receiving cellphone notifications, of course.

In my opinion, Chime Pro is the best option to choose if you need a notification tool. However, the tool is pricey compared to the standard Chime.

Ring Chime Vs Chime Pro: Features


Ring Chime

Chime Pro

Multiple Ringtones

Volume Control, DND

LED indicator

Alert Amplification




Wi-Fi Extension


Wi-Fi connectivity



Supported devices

Support Ring Devices

Support Ring Devices


1 year

1 year


3.06 * 2.44 * 0.98 Inch

4.06 * 2.72 * 1.00 Inch

Ring Chime Vs Chime Pro: What’re The Differences?

The features of The Ring Chime and The Ring Chime Pro are the same, however, Chime Pro has some additional features which are detailed above (I hope you didn’t skip that).

The primary difference between them is that the Ring Chime Pro has alert amplification, which makes your notifications louder. The Ring Chime Pro also have other differences, they are detailed below, keep reading!

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1. Alert Amplification

If you are far enough away from a Ring chime, you won’t be able to hear the tone of the doorbell. But, the Ring Chime Pro includes a beneficial feature that can address this problem in such a circumstance.

With its built-in speaker, it can mimic alert sounds made by your Ring doorbell and enhance them where the Chime Pro is put. This is yet another function that is unique to the Chime Pro, and given how important it is, it may end up being the deciding factor

1. Size

In comparison to the Ring Chime, the Chime Pro is larger. The Chime Pro is 4.06 * 2.72 * 1.00 inches, while the Ring Chime measures 3.06 * 2.44 * 0.98 inches.

However, given that the majority of domestic items that you plug into a socket are of similar size, this variation is not very noticeable.

1. Nightlight

The nightlight that comes with Chime Pro is gentle and welcoming. If you want to roam around the house at night but don’t want to switch on the lights, this feature is helpful.

1. WiFi Extension

If your Chime devices are placed outside the signal range, you may still experience performance issues even though you are using the updated Chime Pro and operating on a 5GHz band. Ring made the decision to include a WiFi expansion in the Chime Pro in order to take this potential problem out of the equation.

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The Chime Pro comes with a WiFi extender, allowing you to increase the distance over which the device can transmit the signal of your home’s internet connection. For people who have a lot of Ring devices in their home or whose router is far away, this feature is wonderful.

Final Words

We’ve thrown significant light on the difference between Ring Chime and Chime Pro in this article. do well to leverage the contents of this article to your advantage.

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