is power generation a good career path

Is power generation a good career path? Well Yes, if you are considering going into this sector. The power generation sector is an excellent pathway for job seekers looking to enter the clean energy market. This is due to an increase in technology development and innovation which includes Power generation. Moreover, in this article, we will discuss in detail, the power generation sector as a career path.

According to the research made by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), career opportunities in the Power generation sector are expected to increase by 1 percent between today and 2024. Therefore, it is flexible and developing, and is the right path for you.

What is Power generation?

Power generation is the process of converting a source of energy into electricity. These sources of electricity generators are Wind, Solar, geothermal, biogas, biomass, and other low-impact electricity generators.

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These are classified as sources of green electricity. Moreover, power generation in most cases involves transforming thermal or mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Power generation enables the use of electricity in our households and businesses. That is, in our society today, a majorly developed society, electricity is very important for survival and productivity.

Access to electricity has brought about a reduction in the poverty rate, the creation of opportunity, an improved standard of living, a better health sector, and increased productivity. More reason power generation is globally prioritized. There are some major benefits of choosing Power Generation as a career path. They are:

You will be part of globally mobile labor. That is, as a power generation worker you can work anywhere in the world. This sector gives you an opportunity to help improve other important sectors in the world, such as public health, energy security, and the economy.

Access to great job opportunities.

The career outlook indicates a faster-than-average job growth potential

Energy jobs pay well

Major available jobs in Power Generation

1. Power Plant Operator/Engineer

A power plan Operator/engineer is responsible for ensuring all equipment undergoes specialized inspections repairs, renovating, coordination and testing before using them in the power plant. They typically work on boiler systems or mechanical systems in commercial buildings. The average salary of a Power Plant Operator/Engineer is $94,000 per annum.

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2. Petroleum Engineer

A petroleum engineer deals with the designing, developing, managing, and implementing oil and methods of extracting Oil as well as pipeline construction.

There are several career opportunities for graduates after completion of their education with numerous major companies such as ExxonMobil Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell plc., BP plc., Chevron Corporation, and more. The average salary of a Petroleum Engineer is $141,570 per annum.

3. Solar Panel Installer

This Power generation job has to do with the installment and maintenance of power plants in homes, businesses, industries, and solar farms. Green power generation is one of the fast-growing jobs in this sector. The average salary of a Solar panel installer is $47,670 per annum.

4. Environmental scientist

An environmental scientist specializing in the study of the environment. Thereby they use their knowledge of natural science to protect our environment or the health of our environment.

In the power generation sector, they are responsible for producing energy without polluting nature. Also, they work on how to utilize power for public benefit. An average salary of an Environmental scientist is $76,530 per annum.

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5. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers design, build and supervise infrastructure projects and systems, as well as build projects. The primary role of a Civil engineer is maintaining, designing, operating infrastructure, and planning. The average salary of a Civil Engineer is $88,570 per annum.

6. Wind Turbine Technician

As solar energy technicians are to solar panels, wind turbine technicians are to wind turbines. These experts are in charge of setting up, fixing, and maintaining wind turbines. Wind turbine technicians often operate in huge wind power farms, unlike their solar energy system equivalents who can work on smaller household installations.

The average salary of a Turbine is $250,500 per annum.

7. Nuclear Engineer

One of today’s most dependable and environmentally friendly power generation technologies is nuclear energy production. For its advancement, research and development are regularly merged. Because of this, there is a significant demand for nuclear engineers in the sector. They contribute to the most secure and safe operation of nuclear power plants.

The average salary of a Nuclear Engineer is $300,000 per annum.


The power generation sector offers thousands of career opportunities to job seekers. Moreover, from the list of jobs listed above you should be able to find one that suits your desire.

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