how to fix paypal 4 not showing up error

Is PayPal Pay in 4 currently not showing up for you? And you are wondering what could be the cause, the effect, or whether you are seeking a lasting solution to getting it solved. If you have these queries unanswered, then you are on the right page; do read carefully to learn more! 

Generally, most of the buy-now-pay-later payment platforms and options have become very famous, judging from the last couple of years’ records. PayPal’s platform is now in 2 forms, which are PayPal Credit and PayPal Pay.

Have you heard about PayPal Pay in 4, but you are still unable to locate the feature on your own account? And you are seeking to know why? We took a deeper look into PayPal Pay in 4, and this article contains all you need to know about PayPal Pay in 4 not showing up.

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What is the reason behind “Pay in 4” not showing up on PayPal?

There are two possible reasons why PayPal Pay in 4 is not showing up for you on your PayPal account.

1. The first reason might be due to the fact that PayPal may have been configured via an “internal check” on your account, and it concluded that you are not eligible to get the offer yet.

2. The second reason might be because the “Pay in Four” option is currently not available in all states yet. Nonetheless, PayPal is moving towards expanding this feature. Keep on reading if you are interested in learning more about the methodology of PayPal Pay in 4 and how it works, the states that the service is not available in, etc

Why is the PayPal Pay in Four option not showing up for me?

Presently, PayPal is only providing the “Pay in Four” option to certain users from the U.S. However, the list is slowly expanding. The availability of the Pay-in-Four program in your area will be determined by the state you reside in.

And Pay in 4 is currently not running in the following states: U.S. territories: Missouri, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Nevada, and North Dakota That is to say, if you find yourself inhabiting any of these locations or territories, you are expected to wait patiently for PayPal to be able to spread the Pay in 4 services in such areas.

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PayPal usually accesses all the received applications by taking records of the applicant’s financial position, the details that you filled in on your online application, and the gathered details from the user’s data and your history with PayPal; they may even make use of the “external bureau data” to process your application.

On the other hand, if you reside in a state where Pay in 4 is allowed and where it runs perfectly, but you happen not to have the feature on your account, it may be due to the first reason stated above, which is that PayPal had already done an “internal check” and tagged your account as “not ready.”

During the course of the check-up, and based on your past usage and the user’s history, PayPal might have discovered that the option is not available for you at that moment, so you have to check back later.

How Can One Make Use of PayPal Pay in Four? How Does It Work?

PayPal Pay in 4 is a buy-now-pay-later payment method that offers you the opportunity to split the purchase you will be making into 4 payments. And with this payment option, you will be able to make your first payment when you are checking out, and the following 3 payments are to come every 2 weeks.

Also, Pay in 4 is open to accepting amounts ranging between $30 and $1,500. But sadly, Pay in 4 is only available for online payments, so you may not be able to make use of it when you go to the in-store outlets. To make use of the Pay in 4 program, you have to adhere to the following process flow:

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1. First, start your shopping, and you can then proceed to the checkout.

2. You have to select the PayPal option as your method of payment. If your service isn’t qualified for Pay in 4, you may not be able to make use of it, and you will not even be shown the Pay in 4 option.

3. You have to check the “Pay in 4” option.

4. Proceed with your first payment and conclude with the check-out.

5. Next, all you are expected to do is round up and pay for the last 3 payments at an interval of every 2 weeks. In addition, choosing to apply for Pay in 4 will not negatively affect your credit score.

How Can One Get Approved To Make Use of PayPal Pay in 4?

To get approval for PayPal Pay in 4, you will be expected to first apply for it. And To be able to apply to make use of the Pay in 4 option, you must have the feature eligible in your state, as previously specified, and you must be in possession of a working PayPal account; the account must be in good standing.
More so, if you are offered the option to apply in your region or state, you are free to apply via the app or you can simply visit; if not, you can still do that at checkout.
You can apply to make use of the Pay in 4 program by visiting, or you can use the app. To apply for the PayPal “Pay in Four” option at the options for checkout, you should abide by the following steps:

1. Begin your application by selecting PayPal as your method of payment at checkout. That is, if your transaction is qualified for Pay in 4, if it is eligible, you will see it show up at checkout.

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2. Secondly, you have to tap the “Pay Later” button.

3. After which you can choose “Pay in 4” and put in any of the required information.

4. Next, you will be communicated with within seconds. If you happen to be approved, you will be required to release your first payment in order to round up your checking.

5. You can then make the three payments left every two weeks by using the app, or you can do that via the website. Unfortunately, if they didn’t get you approved, you will be expected to check out your purchase without utilizing the “Pay in 4” option.

Also, if your application is rejected, even if you applied via the checkout or PayPal option, you will be notified via email, which will be sent from PayPal management, giving you the reason why your application was declined.

You should know that PayPal processes every received application by taking into consideration the applicant’s financial position, the details that you filled out on your online application, and the gathered details from your user’s usage data and your history with PayPal. PayPal may even make use of the “external bureau data” to access your application.

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Moreover, to conclude your application for Pay in 4, you will be required to carefully read and accept the set terms and conditions known as the “loan agreement.” There will also be a link that you will see when you are applying, and you can use it to view the loan agreement or select the download option.


You can utilize the PayPal option if you are planning to send or receive payments for any kind of online purchase, if you want to sell goods and services, or if you want to donate money as well as receive donations.

And just as the buy now, pay later methods, which include Moneylion, Float, Afterpay, etc., PayPal has now released its BNPL service or feature that is known as the “Pay in Four” option. It offers you the option to split the payment you want to make for the purchase into 4 installments.

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