how many jobs are available in capital goods

How many jobs are available in Capital Goods? Due to the rise in technology development, there are over 2 million jobs available in capital goods. Making it one of the biggest employers of labor in our world today. Moreover, the capital goods industry is one of the major contributors to the world’s economic growth and development.

In this article, we will discuss Capital goods in detail, that is some of the jobs available jobs in capital goods, the criteria to get into the capital goods industry, and how to build a successful career in capital goods.

What are Capital goods?

Capital goods industries produce physical goods such as buildings, construction equipment, and medical devices. Capital goods are used by other companies to produce other goods unlike consumer goods such as toothpaste and bicycle.

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However, some kinds of goods can be capital goods or consumer goods. For instance, if a business purchase a vehicle it can be defined as a capital good but a consumer good if purchased by a consumer.

Additionally, Capital goods also refer to fixed assets and they usually have a longer lifespan and can be used continuously in production. Also, capital goods can be exported, sold to other companies, or used to manufacture other goods and services. This makes them very important for the economy.

Available Jobs in Capital goods

There are several jobs available in the Capital goods sector. Moreover, the jobs’ average salary varies ranges with job title, experience, and location. However, these jobs fall into two major categories. They are:

  • White Collar Jobs
  • Blue Collar Jobs

White Collar Jobs

A white job deals with performing professional, desk, managerial, or administrative work. It is usually performed in an office or other administrative setting. Moreover, white-collar jobs require a high qualification or bachelor’s degree.

Wondering how many white-collar jobs are available in Capital goods jobs? There is a wide variety of white-collar jobs in the capital goods industry. Below are some of the white-collar jobs available in the Capital goods industry.

Account Manager: As an account manager you will be responsible for planning, controlling accounts, and directing the account of an organization.

Also, you will be in charge of developing procedures and policies that will assist the organization in matters in terms of budgeting and accounting standards.

Marketing Manager: This is a very important job in the capital goods industry. They are important in the sense that the company will need to sell and market its goods to factories and other production companies that need them.

Computer-Aided Design Technician (or Drafter): Before any product is produced it must have a design. As a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Technician you use the CAD to create product designs for analysis, review, and testing before they are actually sent out for production.

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Industrial Architect: As stated above Capital goods can be goods or services. An Industrial Architect designs the structure of the factory or any building that will be used for production. Moreover, an architect play in making sure that the factory structure is well designed and built.

Computer programmer: Due to the development of technology in our society today. Therefore, production processes and supply chain management logistics depend on computers and computer programs.

As a Computer programmer capital goods industry depends on you to develop programs to manage all the capital equipment used in manufacturing.

Blue Collar Jobs

Blue-collar job is a class of Capital goods industry that deals with performing manual labor. It can either be skilled or unskilled labor. Moreover, in the Capital goods industry, White-collar and Blue Collar jobs work hand in hand.

Blue-collar jobs can involve the following types of jobs in the Capital goods industry Warehousing, Farming, waste collection and disposal, driving, food processing, construction and so many more. However, below we will be looking at the major Blue collar jobs in the Capital goods industry:

Drivers: In the capital goods industry, transportation is a very important aspect. Therefore, there is a need to hire divers that can operate vehicles used for distribution or used in production. Additionally, Any specialist license, such as a trucker’s license, will be an invaluable advantage in your job search for capital goods jobs.

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Warehouse manager: Warehousing is the process of storing products in a warehouse. Therefore as a warehouse manager, you are in charge of keeping the goods well-arranged and in good condition.

Production workers: Production workers are basically the heart of the capital goods industry. Without production workers, there will be no product to show. This makes them the most important employees in the Capital goods industry.

Ways Of Getting A Capital Goods Job

  • The greatest place to look for the highest-paying capital goods jobs is online job boards.
  • Check the official websites of the company to see if any new capital goods jobs have become available.
  • Apply for an internship with a manufacturer of capital goods because most businesses would hire interns as full-time employees.
  • Make connections with specialists to obtain pertinent knowledge about the job market.


To sum it up, there are so many job opportunities in the capital goods sector. It can be either skilled or unskilled, White-collar or Blue-collar. Also, use the guidelines above to get a job in Capital goods.

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